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The Benefits of Hemp in Beauty Products

The Benefits of Hemp in Beauty Products
December 7, 2021 peter

Before our modern age, human society exclusively used plants for medicine. There was nothing else available. Antibiotics and pills were certainly not commonplace for villagers in the 1300s! When modern medicine came on the scene, it seems many in the world forgot about the benefits that plants can yield. Just recently, the beauty industry has started to re-examine plant medicine and the connection it holds to wellness.

Chief among those plants is hemp, which has been intentionally cultivated all around the world for thousands of years. Dermatologists have concluded that the advantages offered by this healing plant are not to be ignored, and people are quickly adding it to their clean beauty routines.

Overcoming The Stigma

We know hemp has been used over the years for food, fibre, and fun, but hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds that grow on the plant. They’re cultivated for non-drug use! Not only is this oil legal, but it has been confirmed that there are no psychoactive effects, contrary to what some may assume. The important difference between marijuana and hemp is the THC content involved. This means any plant with less than 0.3% THC is considered hemp and will not get you “high”.

As this stigma continues to be removed from society, hemp-use will grow and hemp will solidify its place in the beauty industry.

The Real Benefits

Now that we’ve cleared that up, we can get into the amazing benefits that adding hemp to your beauty routine can accomplish. Vibrant, thriving skin may be a simple ingredient away!

  • Hydrating: Today’s modern beauty market is filled with chemicals that can cause inflammation, dryness, excess oil, and clogged pores, so one of the most beloved attributes of this ingredient is its ability to nourish and moisturize the skin without the effects of harsh chemicals. More than this, hemp can balance out oily skin by regulating oil production altogether! An after effect of this benefit is a reduction in acne that is caused by excess oil.
  • High in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: Hemp oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which not only stimulates skin growth and new cell generation, but also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Consuming these nutrients can also be effective at helping to treat some skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis – also known as eczema.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties: Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that bring calm to chaotic, red, or irritated skin, as well as mitigates acne. That makes this ingredient a great pair for retinoids or acids, as it may alleviate any signs of irritation they may cause. As people with sensitive skin ourselves, we know how important this is!
  • High in Vitamin E: Hemp is also packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are effective at reducing UV damage in skin. This is a great way to nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals!
  • Anti-aging properties: Because this healing ingredient is so effective at moisturizing and soothing the skin, it offers a powerful approach to prevent signs of aging from developing as it reduces fine lines and wrinkles!

How To Use

Everyone deserves healthy skin, and luckily hemp, as an ingredient, is generally considered safe for most people to use but it’s particularly effective at helping those with acneic or combination skin find a balance! If you are prone to skin irritation, it is recommended to apply a small amount of oil to a test patch of skin in order to ensure a beneficial experience. However, the nourishing and soothing properties of hemp seed oil are a great way to reclaim your skin, and it’s safe to apply roughly twice a day, as you would use any other oil!

The Highlights

The cultivation and use of the hemp plant has been around for a long time, but it’s introduction to the beauty industry is still recent. Within this time, hemp-infusions have seen vast growth and are already solidifying a place in many people’s beauty routines!

Hemp seed oil is a simply effective solution for nourishing, soothing, stimulating, and protecting the skin in a noisey beauty industry. Taking on the world is easier when you and your skin feel enriched.

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