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Cruelty-free | Vegan | Organic certified ingredients
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Cruelty-free | Vegan | Organic certified ingredients

Less is more. Fewer is better.

Less is more. Fewer is better.
November 19, 2021 peter

Four $10 umbrellas are more expensive than one $40 umbrella. Why is that?

When your cheap umbrella inevitably breaks during a downpour (and it certainly will), you’ll be stuck in the rain with no umbrella at all. You’ll have to buy a new one again and again and again. A $10 umbrella is produced as cheap as possible, whereas a $40 umbrella is made to last. That’s the difference.

We believe that this same principle and concept is beginning to take hold of the beauty world.

A recent survey of 4,000 women commissioned by Poshly and Stowaway Cosmetics found that the average woman owns a whopping 40 makeup and skincare products. Why would you buy 40 cheap products when 5-6 phenomenal products can accomplish far more?

In theory, the prices are the same. Forty $10 creams, lotions, and mascaras cost your bank account the same as six $67 skincare elixirs. However, the costs to your skin are certainly not the same. Far from it.

Cheap ingredients irritate one’s pores. Poor quality products inflame the skin. Yet, again and again, consumers flock to the least expensive options. Then when it doesn’t work, they wonder why they have blotchy skin. They use a specific cream to add dewiness to their skin but the parabens and sulfates in these creams create their own problems that necessitate a whole new cream, mask, or potion.

There’s a better way. Find beauty companies that care about quality and stick with them. Less is more. Fewer is better.

As people with sensitive skin ourselves, we chose to create products that exclusively use healing plant ingredients with clean chemistry. Our products are intentional.

Herbique’s founder spent years traveling the world and learning about the skincare routines and ingredients of different cultures. They include everything our skin needs – without Western additives and extras that fail to provide real natural value to our pores.

The current beauty industry is busy, noisey, and wasteful. We want to simplify your routine. Using only clean chemistry and clean ingredients. HERBIQUE is less – not more. That’s something we are proud of.

What would the world look like if consumers adopted more sustainable purchasing habits? How else can you apply this to your life?

Instead of fast fashion and a new outfit every time we leave the house, one would pay more for a long-lasting piece of clothing. In doing so, they support the livelihood of the seamstress, they ensure quality materials are used, and they will own a piece of clothing that stands strong five years from now. A cheap jacket won’t last two winters.

Instead of eating from mass-produced chains, buy from local farmers who pour love into their crops and livestock. Instead of using 150 disposable water bottles in a year, just buy one high-quality nalgene.

These are little changes. However, multiple little changes begin to add up. If we are intentional and mindful about our purchasing decisions, we can create the change we wish to see in the world.

Welcome to the stillness.
Enrich Your skin then watch yourself bloom.

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